Clinical Trials Leadership

The RECOVER clinical trials are led by the Clinical Trials Data Coordinating Center (CT-DCC) at the Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI) and the RECOVER Administrative Coordinating Center (ACC) at RTI International (RTI).

The CT-DCC and ACC partnered with protocol working groups for each focus area, including patient representatives, to design clinical trials to explore possible treatments for Long COVID. Experts in the selected interventions and patient representatives will continue to support the clinical trials through implementation and dissemination of study results.

Each clinical trial has its own principal investigators and study team. The About pages for each of the clinical trials will include more information about each team.

The menu links and pages for each of the clinical trials will be published on this website as study plans are finalized.

Clinical Trials Data Coordinating Center (CT-DCC)

The CT-DCC at the Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI) is led by Kanecia Zimmerman, MD, PhD, MPH; Christina Barkauskas, MD; and Sean O’Brien, PhD. The DCRI, in collaboration with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and RTI, will support platform protocols designed to simultaneously test multiple possible treatments for Long COVID including drugs, cognitive interventions, devices, and other therapies.

The CT-DCC's specific areas of responsibility include:

  • Scientific and Operational Leadership
  • Platform Protocol Design and Implementation
  • Site Management and Operations
  • Data Management and Reporting

Administrative Coordinating Center (ACC)

The ACC at RTI International is led by Tracy Nolen, DrPH, and Craig Reist, PhD. RTI will support and collaborate with the DCRI and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the development and implementation of the RECOVER Clinical Trials Program.

The ACC's specific areas of responsibility include:

  • Contracts and Finance
  • Program Operations
  • Study Operations
  • Technology and Data

Patient and Community Representatives

The RECOVER clinical trials leadership committees include patients from many different backgrounds who help make sure the clinical trials include and benefit communities that are most affected by Long COVID. In addition to participating in the protocol working groups, patient representatives have provided their input on the development of participant materials for the clinical trials. Patient representatives will remain part of the RECOVER Clinical Trials Engagement Team throughout the life cycle of the clinical trials.

The RECOVER Initiative’s National Community Engagement Group (NCEG) also works to ensure that RECOVER research meets the needs of patients, caregivers, and community members. NCEG works closely with the leaders of RECOVER studies and clinical trials, as well as other RECOVER groups, to guide them on the best ways to engage with participants and the community.

Clinical Trials (CT) Steering Committee

The RECOVER CT Steering Committee ensures that the clinical trials align with the overall goals of the RECOVER Initiative by

  • helping to develop and optimize the clinical trial portfolio;
  • formally reviewing and providing feedback on clinical trial protocols;
  • providing high-level guidance to ensure the clinical trials meet their scientific objectives and mission;
  • assessing scientific progress;
  • considering strategies to ensure timely implementation and addressing operational challenges; and
  • serving as a source of clinical, scientific, and patient input.

The CT Steering Committee reports to the Executive Committee as needed on

  • status of the clinical trials being conducted;
  • new challenges and opportunities that arise;
  • requested changes to daily operations or procedures for RECOVER clinical trials; and
  • any other issues that might impact the scientific goals of the studies.
CT Steering Committee Voting Members
  • Laurie Gutmann - Co-chair
  • Eldrin F. Lewis - Co-chair
  • Kevin Anstrom
  • Lucinda Bateman
  • Marta Cerda
  • Christopher Coffey
  • Judith Currier
  • Anne Davidson
  • Brian Fallon
  • David Knopman
  • Barry Make
  • Christine Maughan
  • Susan Redline
  • Cyndya A. Shibao
  • Richard Whitley
  • Gloria Yeh
CT Steering Committee Ex-Officio Members
  • Marie-Abele Bind
  • Jason Gerson
  • Tracy Nolen
  • Leonard Sacks
  • Andrea Troxel
  • Kanecia Zimmerman

The Steering Committee rosters do not include NIH noncommittee member attendees.

Data and Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB)

The DSMB monitors the data collected in RECOVER research and how the clinical trials are working. The DSMB makes recommendations to correct any issues that may come up during the clinical trials.

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