RECOVER Clinical Trials

Together, we can explore options that may help improve Long COVID symptoms

RECOVER clinical trials are designed as platform protocols that allow researchers to study different interventions at the same time. Enrollment for these trials will be local and site-based, which means clinical research sites across the United States will identify and contact potential participants from their health systems and surrounding communities. These phase 2 clinical trials will explore possible treatments for:
Autonomic Dysfunction
Dizziness, fast heart rate, shortness of breath, upset stomach, or other changes in body functions that happen automatically
Cognitive Dysfunction
Brain fog, trouble thinking clearly, memory changes, slowed attention, and other symptoms related to brain function
Exercise Intolerance and Fatigue
Exhaustion or low energy that interferes with daily activities
Sleep Disturbances
Changes in sleep patterns or ability to sleep
Viral Persistence
When the virus that causes COVID-19 stays in the body and causes damage to organs or the immune system to not function properly
Learn more about why we are studying these focus areas
More details about the clinical trials will be posted on this page as study plans are finalized.
What is Long COVID?
Long-term effects of COVID may be different for everyone and they can affect many different parts of the body, such as the brain, heart, and lungs.

Who is leading the clinical trials?

The RECOVER team includes patients, caregivers, doctors, community leaders, and researchers from across the country. Community partners from various backgrounds will help make sure RECOVER research includes and benefits people most affected by Long COVID.

Who can enroll?

The RECOVER Clinical Trials are phase 2 clinical trials, which test the safety and effectiveness of treatments typically in groups of 100-300 participants.
The clinical trials will begin enrolling participants on a rolling basis through the summer and into the fall. Each clinical trial will have specific guidelines for who can participate. Enrollment will take place at clinical research sites located throughout the United States. A track record for enrolling diverse participants was a key criterion for site selection. These trials will follow a traditional clinical trial recruitment strategy in that sites will contact their patients and residents in their local communities to enroll in the trials

Where are the sites located?

Clinical trial sites are located across the country. Sites are selected based on their closeness to communities that are most affected by Long COVID, as well as their:
  • experience in the symptom area and the possible treatment being evaluated
  • access to facilities and equipment needed to successfully run the study
  • connections with health organizations and community leaders

Design of the
Clinical Trials

Each site in a clinical trial will follow the same protocol, or study design, so we can combine the data from many different locations. This helps us get answers for more people faster.

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