Design of the Clinical Trials

RECOVER clinical trials use platform protocols that allow researchers to study different interventions, or possible treatments, at the same time.

A protocol is a detailed plan that researchers follow to conduct research and collect data. Platform protocols are designed so other potential therapies can be added without the need to develop separate clinical trials.

Each site in a clinical trial will follow the same protocol so we can combine the data from many different locations. Using a platform protocol design and collecting the same data across sites will help us work more efficiently and get answers for more people faster.

The diagram below helps to illustrate how the platform protocols will work.

Flowchart showing participants in a control group and four intervention groups. One group is completed during the study and two groups are added after the study begins, showing the ability to stop interventions early and flexibility to add interventions during the study.
The protocol for each clinical trial describes the goals of the study, who can enroll, tests, interventions, and more. Protocols and other clinical trial documents will be added to this page as they are finalized.
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