RECOVER-AUTONOMIC Study Group A: IVIG or Placebo

Participants in this study group will have an equal chance of receiving Gamunex-C, a form of intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG), or saline placebo through intravenous (IV) infusion. IV infusions are a common way for healthcare providers to give fluid, medicines, or nutrients to patients.

In addition to receiving the active study drug or placebo, participants will be assigned by chance to receive coordinated non-drug care or usual non-drug care. Participants in Study Group A will be assigned to one of these groups:

IVIG + Coordinated Non-Drug Care, Saline Placebo + Coordinated Non-Drug Care, IVIG + Usual Non-Drug Care, Saline Placebo + Usual Non-Drug Care
The research team and participants will not know who is receiving the active study drug or placebo. The placebo looks like the active study drug but has no active ingredients.
All participants are valuable contributors to this study. Without the placebo and usual non-drug care to use as points of comparison, researchers would not be able to learn how the active study treatments affect participants' health and Long COVID symptoms.

What happens during this study?

Participants who receive IVIG or placebo will be asked to:

Participate in the study for about 1 year, including a 9-month treatment period and a follow-up visit 3 months later

Receive an IV infusion of the study drug or placebo for approximately 4 to 6 hours about once a week for 9 months (about 36 visits)

Give small skin samples to test for damage to nerves that control automatic body functions

For the first 3 months of the study, participants assigned to coordinated non-drug care will be asked to complete additional activities from home:

Check their heart rate and blood pressure

Eat a high-salt diet and drink a recommended amount of fluids per day

Wear a compression belt around their stomach while doing upright activities

Complete recommended physical activities

Keep a weekly log of their study activities

Receive weekly phone calls from the study team to discuss their coordinated care activities

Participants assigned to usual non-drug care will receive the healthcare they would normally receive, such as general recommendations for diet and lifestyle changes.

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